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Home Showing Ideas and Tips to Sell Your Home

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Having your home show well offer a warm welcoming feeling when the possible buyer walks in will help you house sell faster and at the best possible price. This is a task that has been broken down into 3 parts; Showing Preparations, During the Showing, & A Handy Daily Checklist.

  1. Showing Preparations –

  2. When an appointment has been made to show your home, I suggest a few special preparations such as:


    • Keep all doors unlocked within the home and open allowing light to flow into the adjoining rooms. Buyers want to see all the rooms including closets. If they can’t, it slows up or stops the buying process.
    • Turn on all lights—day or night!
    • Open all the drapes and shutters. Make your property as bright as possible. Buyers these days typically want homes with lots of light!

    Night Showings

    • For a night showing, turn on all of your inside and outside lights, creating a glowing warmth around your home as the potential buyers drive up.


    • Make sure the sink is clean and free of dirty dishes.
    • De-clutter the countertops: they appear more spacious when clean and uncluttered.
    • Freshly mop the floors and baseboards of your kitchen — make them gleam.


    • Leave soft music playing. Turn off any blasting television or radio.
    • Place some potpourri throughout the home to make it smell fresh and clean.
    • Create a positive mood. If it is a cold day, make sure your home is heated, and if it is summertime, keep your home cool.
    • Add a special accent to make your house appear comfortable and inviting: an open cookbook, cut flowers in a vase, or something freshly baked from the oven, slow cooking crock-pot, or bread maker.

  3. During the Showing

    • Place brochures in a conspicuous place; you could place a small sign asking agents to leave their business card. This is for safety and it allows you to track who has shown the property and your agent can call them for feedback.
    • If pets are part of your family keep all pets out of the way when showing, preferably out of the house or crated. One type of prospect may be annoyed and another may get their attention diverted away from the house. Some buyers do not like animals or their odors and they may raise undue concerns about the condition of carpeting.
    • The goal is to encourage them to spend as much time in your home as possible so that they can “get comfortable”.
    • Take a short walk with your children and pets. Leave the premises to the potential buyers or, if that is not possible, let them go through the home without interruption or discussion and accompanied by their real estate agent.
      (An editorial comment here: I would never recommend to an owner that they allow strangers to be in their home unaccompanied!)

  4. A Daily Checklist for Showing & Selling a Home

    • Remove any and all toys, bikes, tools, trash, and animal waste from your yard
    • Keep all steps clear of hazards—old newspapers, laundry, toys, pet toys, etc.
    • Wash dishes
    • Put away clothes
    • Straighten up newspapers, etc.
    • Make beds
    • Open the draperies, pull up the shades and let in the sunlight.
    • Install high wattage light bulbs so that there is a lot of light. Turn on all lights.
    • Remove “clutter” from each room. Remove things such as coats, shoes, clothing, pet toys, pet food, pet food bowls, trash cans, toys, child safety barriers. Rooms with no clutter look bigger.
    • Dust and vacuum floors often, daily if possible.
    • Wipe showers after each use.
    • Water and prune indoor plants as need to stay freesh
    • Wipe down the bathroom counters. Make sure towels are hung up, and the bathroom rugs are straightened.

Once the clutter is in check, tidying up prior to showings should take a minimal amount of time. If you have any energy left just relax, and remember, the necessity to be “spotless” will not last forever!

Download and print a copy of A Daily Checklist for Showing & Selling a Home A Daily Checklist for Home Showings

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